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Affidavit of Francis Green


I, Francis Green, of Boston, do testify and declare, that I arrived at Windham, in the Colony of Connecticut, on Monday afternoon, the 4th instant; that on the same evening four men who called themselves Hezekiah Bissell, Benjamin Lothrop, Timothy Larrabee, and Ebenezer Backus, did, in a formal manner, apply to me to know my name, and whether I had signed an Address to Governour Hutchinson; and, upon being answered, did then insist on my departing thence, and forthwith quitting that town; intimating that it would be dangerous for me not to comply with their demands. Upon my positive refusal they went off, and soon afterwards a tumultuous assembly of men appeared about the house, and I was informed demanded me. They remained about the door and windows about an hour; then a party of them entered the house, and one, calling himself Nathaniel Warren, demanding me, acquainted me that leave was given for me to remain there until six o' clock the next morning, but no longer, intimating (in words which I do not exactly recollect) that it would be attended with disagreeable consequences if I should. That about six o' clock the next morning the Meeting House bell was rung as if for fire, a cannon was fired near the Tavern door, and a number of men then again appeared round the house, some of them repeatedly entered the same, came into my bed-chamber, and, in an


insolent manner, again demanded my immediate departure, threatening to seize me with my papers, bundles, &c˙, and to carry me off by force, although I often told them I was there with intent to collect debts, &c˙, and that they interrupted me in my necessary business. One of them said it was fool-hardy to sport with life; others swore I should immediately depart, and threw out many threatening insinuations of what I might expect if I did not leave that town without delay. They continued in and about the house until I set out. Upon the road through Lebanon to Norwich, I was informed that an express was sent from Windham to Norwich to excite the people there also to oppose my remaining there. I arrived at Norwich on Wednesday morning, the 6th instant, at about seven o' clock, and being (in company with Mr˙ Ebenezer Storer, of Boston,) at the house of Samuel Huntington, Esquire, heard the Meeting House bell ring, a gun fire, a drum beat, and saw numbers of men assemble on the adjacent plain, part of whom came into the house and room I was in; one of them, calling himself by the name of Joshua Huntington, demanded my name, which being informed, he told me he was deputed, or authorized by the people to let me know that they insisted on my quitting that town in fifteen minutes, which I refused to do. I then called upon Samuel Huntington, Esquire, and demanded of him, as a Magistrate, protection from the violence of the people, but received none; soon after this I proceeded to the Tavern, near where the mob was waiting; I went in, and in a few minutes a number of them rushed in and filled the room where I was, calling out, "Out with him, out with him," and laid hold of me; I demanded their names; one replied (who seized me) my name is Simeon Huntington; they then crowded me out of the house, and when on the outside I perceived a cart standing nigh my chaise. Some of the people who now became very clamorous, seized me again, and called out, "Into the cart, into the cart with him," but soon desisted, and then forced me to get into my own carriage, which one of them then struck and set the horses going; upon which they set up a loud shout and huzza, beat their drum, and following near half a mile, pelted me with great rage and violence, and thus obstructed me in my business, to my great injury, and endangered my life.


Suffolk, ss.

Francis Green, before named, personally appearing, maketh solemn oath to the truth of the foregoing Deposition by him subscribed, taken at his special request, in perpetuam rei memoriam,
Boston, July 20, 1774.

Before us,
Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum.

N˙ B˙ A Memorandum of several who were witnesses of the transactions of the people at Windham and Norwich, viz: Mr˙ Carey, the Tavernkeeper at Windham, Stephen Babcock, Esquire, of Stonington, who was at Windham, Mr˙ Aplin, a Lawyer, and Mr˙ William Russell, Merchant, both of Providence, who were at Windham. Mr˙ Lothrop, Tavernkeeper at Norwich. Mr˙ Ebenezer Storer, of Boston, who was in company with Mr˙ Green almost the whole time.