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Whereas, I have received information that, in consequence of an advertisement signed John Harvey, Moderator, some time since published and dispersed through this Province, sundry persons have been elected by a small number of Freeholders in the several Counties, to meet in Convention in the Town of Newbern, on this day for the choice of Deputies to represent this Colony in a Congress intended to be held at the City of Philadelphia, in the month of May next: And whereas, the meeting of such Convention, and the declared purpose thereof will be highly offensive to the King, and dishonourable to the General Assembly of this Province, which is appointed to sit at this time for the despatch of publick business: I have, therefore, thought fit with the advice of His Majesty' s Council, to issue this Proclamation, hereby in the King' s name to forbid the holding of the said Convention. And I do exhort all His Majesty' s subjects, on their allegiance and on pain of incurring His Majesty' s high displeasure, to withdraw themselves from the same, and to desist from all such illegal, unwarrantable, and dangerous proceedings.

Given, &c˙, the 3d of April, 1775.


GOD save the King.