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Committee on a Proposal of William Bellamy


In Congress, Friday, March 23, 1776.

The Congress met.

And the Journal of yesterday was read.

A Proposal of Mr˙ William Bellamy, that he, with some assistance from the publick, would undertake to erect and complete a proper Mill, for making Paper, and cutting Files at the same time, was presented, and read.

Ordered, That the said Proposal be referred to a Committee of the following gentlemen, viz: Mr˙ Kershaw, Mr˙ Edwards, Mr˙ Loocock, the Reverend Mr˙ Tennent, and Mr˙ William Bull; and that they do report thereon as soon as possible.

Resolved, That Colonel Powell, Colonel Fuller, Mr˙ Loocock, Captain Shubrick, Dr˙ Oliphant, Mr˙ Cannon, and Mr˙ Brown, be, and they are hereby, appointed Commissioners for laying forthwith such obstructions to the navigation of the channels over Charlestovm, Bar, and in the Harbour, as they shall judge necessary to prevent the passage of Ships-of-War; and that the Council of Safety do give every assistance to the said Commissioners, and cause the necessary sums of money to be advanced for the carrying on this service.

Colonel Powell, from the Committee to consider and report the best means of erecting a Powder-Mill, and promoting the making of Gunpowder in this Colony, delivered in a Report.

And the said Report being considered, the Congress came to the following Resolution:

Whereas Henry Folder, Esq˙, having proposed to manufacture Sulphur and Nitre into Gunpowder: according to his offer, it is

Resolved, That a proper quantity of Nitre and Sulphur, belonging to the publick, be put into the hands of the said Henry Felder, Esq˙, to be by him made up into Gunpowder, and delivered into the publick Magazine; that Mr˙ Folder be allowed seven Shillings and six Pence currency for each pound of Gunpowder by him so made up from such materials, exclusive of the charge of carriage; and that, upon his delivering a quantity of Gunpowder into the hands of the publick Receiver, he be, from time to time," supplied with an equal quantity of materials, to be in like manner made up into Gunpowder.

Resolved, That the following Members of Congress be immediately, at their own expense, summoned to attend the publick service in Congress on or before the 26th instant, viz: Peter Leger, Gabriel Capers, Elias Ball, Jun˙, Richard Walter, Benjamin Smith, John Izard, James Akin, Charles Elliott, Robert Ladson, George Haig, William Skirving, Thomas Horry, Capers Boone, Elias Horry, Jun˙, Theodore Gaillard, Jun˙, Thomas Tucker, Benjamin Garden, Isaac Macpherson, John Gaillard, Philip Porcher, Peter Sinckler, and Hezekiah Maham, Esquires.

And further Resolved, That, if any of the said Members shall fail, without good and sufficient reason, of being present in Congress as aforesaid, such absent Members shall be, at their own expense, taken into custody.

Resolved, That the Commissioners of the Treasury do pay the forty Shillings per day allowed by Congress to Members attending the publick service in Congress only by Warrant from the President, specifying the sum due to the Member requiring payment, and that he hath leave of absence.