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Officers of the Fifth Battalion


"In Congress, January 4, 1776.

"Resolved, That a fifth Battalion be raised in Cumberland County, in the Colony of Pennsylvania. C˙ T."

Pursuant to a Resolution of Congress and of this Board, this Committee proceeded to the choice of a number of gentlemen, to be recommended as proper persons for Field-Officers to the Fifth Battalion, to be raised in Cumberland County, when the following persons were agreed upon and now recommended to the honourable Congress as suitable persons to fill the offices of Colonels, Lieutenant-Colonels, and Majors; and, at the same time, they proceeded to the


choice of proper persons to be appointed as Captains, First and Second Lieutenants, and Ensigns, to said Battalion, when the following were agreed upon, and to rank agreeable to the numbers affixed to their names,

12 votes William Irvine, Colonel; 3 votes James Irvine.

11 votes Thomas Hartley, Lieutenant-Colonel; 3 votes Patrick Maxwell.

11 votes James Dunlap, Major; 3 votes Edward Morton.

Daniel Grier,
Abraham Smith,
Samuel Hay,
Jeremiah Tolbert,
William Rippee,
Moses McClain,
James A˙ Wilson,
Robert Adams,

William Alexander,
Bernard Eichelberger,
John McDonnel,
Robert White,
William Brutton,
John McDaniel,
Lewis Bush,
John Grier,

Second Lieutenants.
Alexander Parker,
Samuel McPherson,
John Alexander,
— McClelland,
Edward Stille,
Arch˙ McAllister, Jr˙,
John Brooks, Jr˙,
— Brown.

Samuel Montgomery,
William Graham,
William Lusk,
William Nicholas,
William Miller,
John Murray,
Robert Hoops,
William Brown.

Surgeon — Robert Johnson. Adjutant — John Brooks.