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A Letter from Samuel Bayard


A Letter from Samuel Bayard, William Bedlow, Thomas Grenell, and Jonathan Lawrence, Commissioners at the Fortifications in the Highlands, dated the 11th ultimo, explaining the progress they had made in the said works, and requesting directions, was read and filed.

Ordered, That the consideration thereof be referred to the Provincial Congress.

A Letter from Silas Marsh, Chairman of Amenia Precinct, in Dutchess County, dated the 25th of October last, enclosing an Association signed by Josiah Morse and Andrew L˙ Harvey, Jun˙, and informing that they are true


friends, and desired to be entered among the faithful, was read and filed.

A Return, signed by Charles Clinton, Chairman of Hanover Precinct, in Orange County, and dated the 3d ult˙, whereby it appears that, at an election of officers for a Company of Minute-Men, in the said Precinct, Peter Hill was elected Captain; James Sailer, First Lieutenant; Nathaniel Milligan, Second Lieutenant; and William Gudgeon, Ensign, was read and filed.