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Town of Bedford Excused from Furnishing Thirteen Men for the American Army


The Committee appointed to bring in a Resolve for excusing the Town of Bedford from furnishing their proportion of men, reported. The Report was read, and accepted, and is as follows, viz:

Whereas, by a Resolve of this Court of the 1st instant, the Town of Bedford was ordered to furnish thirteen Men to join the American Army on the 10th instant, and the Commanding-Officer of said town was ordered to inlist that number of men accordingly; and, whereas, by another Resolve of this Court, the same town was ordered to furnish the Army with four cords of Wood, daily; and it would be quite impracticable for said town to comply with both said Resolves:

Therefore, Resolved, That the Commanding-Officer of said Town of Bedford be, and he hereby is excused from assembling the Militia, and inlisting any men to join the American Army, the aforesaid Resolve, first mentioned, notwithstanding.

The Committee appointed to take into consideration the Petition of Francis Brown, who was wounded in the battle of Lexington, on the 19th April last, reported. Read, and accepted.

The House then adjourned to nine o' clock, to-morrow morning.