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New-York Committee, May 29, 1775


The Committee met by adjournment, 29th May, 1775. Present:

Henry Remsen,
Daniel Phenix,
Cornelius Clopper,
George Janeway,
John White,
Gabriel W˙ Ludlow,
Robert Ray,
Evert Banker,
William Laight,
Benjamin Helme,
Petrus Byvanck,
Alex˙ McDougall,
Comfort Sands,
Nicholas Roosevelt,
Joseph Bull,
John Reade,
Thomas Randall,
Nicholas Hoffman,
Abraham Walton,
Gabriel W˙ Ludlow,
John Morton,
William Seaton,
David Johnston,
John Imlay,
Eleazer Miller,
John Broome,
Theophilus Anthony,
John Lasher,
John B˙ Moore,
John Anthony,
John Berrian,
Peter Van Schaack,
Lancaster Burling,
William Goforth,
Hercules Mulligan,
Oliver Templeton,
Joseph Totten,
John Van Cortlandt,
Thomas Smith,
Edward Fleming,
William Walton,
Abraham Brasher,
Cornelius P˙ Low,
James Desbrosses,
Francis Bassett,
Gerret Ketletas,
Daniel Dunscomb,
Anthony Van Dam,
Abraham P˙ Lott,
Nicholas Bogart,
Hamilton Young,
Abraham Duryee,
Peter T˙ Curtenius,
William W˙ Ludlow,
John Lamb,
David Beekman,
Jeremiah Platt,

Ordered, That Mr˙ Seaton, Mr˙ Imlay, Mr˙ Berrian, and Mr˙ Phenix, be a Sub-Committee to observe the conduct of the proprietors of goods imported in the Snow Patty, Captain Sheppard, from Liverpool, during her stay in this port, and to permit her being supplied with water and other necessaries for her departure, and also to procure two trusty persons, inhabitants of this City, to continue on board while she remains in this harbour; that they desire the Captain to depart from this port on or before Thursday morning next, wind and weather permitting; and


that he be further requested to make oath, that he will not discharge any part of his cargo in this Province, and that it be recommended to him to go back again agreeable to the directions of the late Continental Congress.

The Committee adjourned to Monday, 5th June, 1775.