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Message from the Governour


The Governour, by Mr˙ Secretary, sent down a written Message to the House, which was read by order, and is as follows, viz:

GENTLEMEN: At a time when the disputes between Great Britain and her Colonies are drawing towards an alarming crisis, I cannot, consistent with my duty to his Majesty, or a proper attention to the true interests of the people over whom I preside, avoid recommending to you any measure which occurs to me as proper for the Representatives of the Province to pursue, or which, in my opinion, may have a tendency to compose those unhappy differences.

You will agree with me, gentlemen, that in all cases wisdom dictates the use of such means as are most likely to attain the end proposed. On the present occasion it is conceived that any grievances which his Majesty' s, subjects in America apprehend they have reason to complain of, should be humbly represented to his Majesty by the several Assemblies, as the only proper and constitutional mode of obtaining redress, and I have the best reason to believe that a proper attention will be paid to such representations and to any propositions that may be made through that channel, on the present state of American affairs.

This mode, therefore, I earnestly recommend to you to adopt; and I most ardently wish that the proceedings of this as well as the other Colonies, may be of such a temperate and dutiful nature, as to afford a foundation for a reestablishment of that harmony with the mother country which is so essential to both.


February 21, 1775.