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Alexander McDougall to Massachusetts Congress



New-York Provincial Congress, June 12, 1775.

The President of your Congress, the General, and Chairman of the Committee of Supply for your Province, wrote to our Congress a few days since, complaining greatly of the want of powder, and earnestly soliciting our assistance.

We had it not then in our power to give it, but applied to our neighbours, and procured from them, a small supply, which, together with all we could purchase, amount to six hundred and fifty-five pounds.

Our Congress wrote by this day' s post to Governour Trumbull, requesting him to send this quantity to your camp from one of his eastern magazines, and that we would forward the above to replace it, to any Town in his Colony. At nine o' clock this night if will move hence in a wagon, accompanied by four or six trusty men; for it is necessary that no parade should be made on the road, to prevent a conclusion that this article is wanted with you. They will be directed to travel always at night, and put up in the day. It will be necessary in the way through that Colony, to inquire of Governour Trumbull whether he can comply with our request; if he can, to order what is on its way to such place as he shall think proper. If not, a disposition should be made to convey the article through Connecticut to your camp. I shall order it to be left with a safe Committee in Connecticut.