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Resolved, That Mr˙ Hogg be empowered to treat and contract with any person or persons who may incline to purchase Lands from the Company, and that he be allowed his expenses for transacting the above business,

Resolved, That the united thanks of this Company be presented to Colonel Richard Henderson, Captain Nathaniel Hart, and Captain John Luttrell, for their eminent services and publick spirited conduct, in settling the aforesaid Colony.

Resolved, That from this time to the first day of June, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-six, the Lands in the said Colony shall be sold on the following terms:

No survey of Land shall contain more than six hundred and forty acres, (except in particular cases;) and the purchaser shall pay for entry and warrant of survey two dollars; for surveying the same, and a plot thereof, four dollars; and for the deed and plot annexed, two dollars. And also shall pay to the said Proprietors, their Agent, or Receiver for the time being, at the time of receiving a deed, two pounds ten shillings sterling for each hundred acres contained in such deed; also, an annual quit-rent of two shillings, like money, for every hundred acres, commencing in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty.

And that any person who settles on the said Lands before the first day of June, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-six, shall have the privilege, on the aforesaid conditions, of taking up for himself any quantity not above six hundred and forty acres; and for each taxable person he may take with him, and settle there, three hundred and twenty acres, and no more.

Resolved, That Colonel Richard Henderson survey and lay off, within the said Colony, in such places and in such quantities: as he shall think proper, not less than two hundred thousand acres, hereafter to be equally divided amongst the copartners, or their representatives, according to their rateable part, (as fully set forth in the Articles of Agreement entered into by the copartners;) and that each copartner be permitted, by himself or his deputy, to make choice of, and survey in one or more places, any quantity of vacant Land in the aforesaid Colony, for his or their particular use; but not above two thousand acres, and that agreeable to the aforesaid rateable proportions, unless on the same terms, and under the same regulations and restrictions, as laid down for other purchasers.

Resolved, That not more than five thousand acres shall be sold to any one person who does not immediately settle on the said Land; and that at three pounds ten shillings sterling per hundred, and not more than one hundred thousand acres in the whole on these terms.

Resolved, That the Agent deliver what money he may have received for the sale of Lands to Colonel Thomas Hart, when he leaves the said Colony, and that Colonel Hart pay what money may be due from the Company to the people at Watauga on his return; and that the remainder be applied to the payment of the Company' s other debts. Also, that the Agent take the first safe opportunity of remitting what further sums he may receive thereafter to William Johnston, Treasurer, to be by him applied towards paying off the Company' s debts.

Resolved, That William Johnston be impowered to bargain and contract with any persons inclining to purchase Lands in the said Colony.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Johnston do in behalf of the Proprietors, accommodate Mr˙ Peter Hay, merchant, (at Cross Creek, Cumberland County, North-Carolina,) with a present of one thousand acres of Land in the said Colony, for his friendly behaviour towards the Company; or, in lieu thereof, that Mr˙ Hay be permitted to purchase ten thousand acres, without being obliged to settle the same, at two pounds ten shillings, sterling, per hundred acres, subject to office fees and quit-rents.

Resolved, That a present of six hundred and forty acres of Land be made to the Reverend Mr˙ Henry Patillo, on condition that he will settle in the said Colony.

Resolved, That the Agent duly attend to the above Resolves, unless when the interest of the Company makes the contrary necessary.

By order of the Proprietors: