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Form of Enlistment adopted, Eight thousand effective Men to be enlisted


April 21,1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety, April 21st, 1775, the following form of Enlistment was adopted :

"I, A˙B˙, do hereby solemly engage and enlist myself as a Soldier in the Massachusetts service, from the day of my enlistment to the last day of December next, unless the service should admit of a discharge of a part or the whole sooner, which shall be at the discretion of the Committee of Safety; and I hereby promise to submit myself to all the orders and regulations of the Army, and faithfully to observe and obey all such orders as I shall receive from any superiour officer."

Resolved, That there be immediately enlisted, out of the Massachusetts Forces, eight thousand effective men, to be formed into Companies, to consist of a Captain, one Lieutenant, one Ensign, four Sergeants, one Fifer, one Drummer, and seventy rank and file; nine Companies to form a Regiment, to be commanded by a Colonel, Lieut˙ Colonel, and Major; each Regiment to be composed of men suitable for the service, which shall be determined by a Muster-Master or Muster-Masters, to be appointed for that purpose. Said officers and men to continue in the service of the Province for the space of seven months from the time of enlistment, unless the safety of the Province will admit of their being discharged sooner; the Army to be under proper rules and regulations.

Voted, That the Field-Pieces be removed from Newburyport, and deposited, for the present, into the hands of Captain Dexter, of Malden.