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General Washington to Captain Daniel Morgan



Camp at Cambridge, October 4, 1775.

SIR: I write you in consequence of information I have received, that you and the Captains of the Rifle Companies on the detachment against Quebeck, claim an exemption from the command of all the field-officers, except Colonel Arnold. I understand that this claim is founded upon some expressions of mine; but if you understood me in this way, you are much mistaken in my meaning. My intention is, and ever was, that every officer should command according to his rank. To do otherwise would subvert all military order and authority, which, I am sure, you would not wish or expect. Now the mistake is rectified, I trust you will exert yourself to support my intentions, ever remembering, that by the same rule that you claim an independent command, and break in upon military authority, others will do the same by you, and in consequence the expedition must terminate in shame and disgrace to yourselves, and the reproach and detriment of your Country. To a man of true spirit and military character, further argument is unnecessary. I shall therefore recommend you to preserve the utmost harmony among yourselves, to which a due subordination will much contribute; and wishing you all health and success, I remain your very humble servant,


To Captain Daniel Morgan, of Rifle Corps.