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Jedediah Phipps taken into the service of the Colony


Whereas Mr˙ Jedediah Phipps, of Sherburne, has produced to this Court several pounds of genuine Saltpetre, of his own manufacturing, and given full evidence of his knowledge in discovering earth impregnated therewith, as well as his abilities to manufacture said commodity; and also has consented to enter the employment of this Government, for improving the art and business aforesaid, and engaged to communicate his useful discoveries therein; therefore,

Resolved, That the said Mr˙ Jedediah Phipps be taken into the service of this Colony as aforesaid, until the 15th of December next, and he is hereby directed to repair to Newburyport, as soon as may be, and use his utmost efforts, with Doctor Whiting, Deacon Baker, and Captain John Peck, a Committee of this Court for the purpose aforesaid, or either of them, to make further improvements in the art of manufacturing said commodity; and for every day which he shall be absent from home, and employed agreeable to the direction of this Resolve, he shall be allowed and paid out of the publick Treasury the sum of six Shillings per day, for his service, and twenty Shillings


per week, to defray his expenses, as already provided for said Committee.

In Council, November 2, 1775: Read and concurred.