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Report of the Committee on the Resolve of the Continental Congress


"In Congress, Friday, June 9, 1775.

"Resolved, That no obedience being due to the Act of Parliament for altering the Charter of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay, nor to a Governour and Lieutenant-Governour who will not observe the directions of, but endeavour to subvert that Charter, the Governour and Lieutenant-Governour are to be considered as absent, and their offices vacant. And as there is no Council there, and the inconveniences arising from the suspension of the powers of Government are intolerable, especially at a time when General Gage hath actually levied war, and is carrying on hostilities against His Majesty' s peaceable and loyal subjects of that Colony; That in order to conform as near as may be to the spirit and substance of the Charter, it be recommended to the Provincial Congress to Write Letters to the inhabitants of the several places which are entitled to Representatives in Assembly, requesting them to choose such Representatives; and that the Assembly, when chosen, should elect Counsellors, which Assembly and Council should exercise the powers of Government, until a Governour of His Majesty' s appointment will consent to govern the Colony according to its Charter.

"By order of the Congress:

"JOHN HANCOCK, President.

"A true copy from the Minutes: