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Mr. Cary Reported that the Joint Address


Mr˙ Cary reported that the joint Address of the Council and this House of Saturday last, and the two Addresses of this House of the same day, and likewise the Address of yesterday to the Governour, had been severally presented to his Excellency, who directed him to acquaint the House that he had sent his answer to the first to the Council, and delivered to him two Papers in answer to the second and third Addresses; which Papers he delivered in at the Clerk' s table, and which were read, and are in the words following, to wit:

This Address, acknowledging the highest sense of the services I rendered to this Country on the late Indian expedition, though late, will still, I hope, do credit to the justice of the House of Burgesses.

As the care, custody, and disposal of publick stores of ammunition, belong alone to the King' s representative, I cannot consent to return the powder, lately removed from the magazine, to Williamsburgh, which experience has demonstrated to me is an improper place for the residence of the Governour; therefore as I could not attend to its preservation, I could not consequently depend upon its being in security there. The powder in question, besides, YOU have already been acquainted, belonged to one of His Majesty' s ships; I am therefore in a particular manner accountable for it; but, as I have before declared, I shall be ready to apply it, if I find it wanted, for the protection of that Colony.

The duty upon the tonnage of all vessels trading to this Colony has been applied, as I conceive the Act which imposes that duly authorizes, towards the regular and necessary charges of Government; which, without this fund, could not have been supported, and therefore requires it all. This Colony has hitherto been preserved from invasion and insurrection by the care and attention of Government; and you have a very late instance of its exertion, through the means of which the Country has been rescued from the destruction it was threatened with, which, as it proves the contrary of an inattention to any mailers essential to the preservation of this Colony, so it exposes the injustice of your present attempt, if it does not induce you to forbear others, of bringing your legal and constitutional Government, at this unhappy conjuncture, into discredit among the people.

As to your request that I order a certain quantity of arms, powder, and other military stores, to be provided: when you have complied with the requisition submitted to your consideration, in consequence of the joint address of the Council


and House of Burgesses, offering to concur in any measure proper for my security, which requisition has been taken no notice of; and when the legal executive power of Government is restored, and I may with certainty rely that arms, powder, and other military stores, will be employed no otherwise than as I shall direct, who, as His Majesty' s representative, have the sole authority in the case, then I shall be happy, with the means you furnish me, to provide every thing; and I promise you no attention shall be neglected which may be requisite for securing the inhabitants of Virginia from invasion and insurrection.

Ordered, That the said Papers in answer to the said Addresses, be taken into consideration tomorrow.

Mr˙ Cary also reported, that his Excellency directed him to acquaint the House, that he Would send an answer to the last address if he should find that it required one.

Ordered, That the thanks of this House be given to Captain James Innis, of the Volunteer Company of Williamsburgh, and the persons employed by him to guard the publick Magazine in this City, for the alacrity, fidelity, and activity with which they undertook and performed that service, and that Mr˙ Braxton do acquaint him therewith.