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Members of the late House of Burgesses remaining in Town


On Sunday afternoon, May 29, letters were received by express from Boston, Philadelphia, and Annapolis, in Maryland, testyfying the resentment of those different places, and the Northern Provinces in general, against the late oppressive Act of the British Parliament which is intended so materially to injure the port of Boston, and recommending an union of measures to their Southern brethren, to induce the Ministry to abate in their rigourous and unconstitutional designs against American freedom, which they consider themselves equally ebtitled to with their fellow subjects in Britain.

Immediately upon receiving the letters the Honourable Peyton Randolph, Esquire, moderator of the Committee of the late House of Representatives, thought it proper to convene all the members that were then in town; who on considering those important papers, came to a resolution to call together the several other members near this city, to whom notice could be given. Twenty five of them accordingly met next day, Monday, May 30, at ten o' clock, when it was unanimously agreed to refer the further consideration of this matter to the first day of August next;at which time it is expected there will be a general attendance of the late members of the HOuse of Burgesses, and that a non-importation agreement will be then entered into, as well as resolutions to suspend, at some future day, exporting any of our commodities to Britain, should the present odious measures, so inimical to the just rights and liberty of America, be pursued.



* On the first of June, the Honourable the Speaker and as many memebers of the late Assembly, as were in town, with the citizens of Williamsburg, and numbers from a distance, assembeled at the Court House and went in procession to the Church, where an excellent sermon, well adapted to the present unhappy disputes between Great Britain and her Colonies, was preached by the Reverend Mr˙ Price, chaplain to the House of Burgesses, agreeable to the late order of that patriotic and very respectable body.