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Robert Smith Presented the Model


Monday, July 24, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety. Present:

Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Roberdeau, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, Samuel Morris, Jun˙, Owen Biddle, John Cadwalader, Robert White, Robert Morris, George Gray:

Resolved, That the Boat to be launched by Emanuel Eyres, at Kensington, be called the Bull-Dog.

Mr˙ Robert Smith, carpenter, appeared at this Board with a model of a Machine for obstructing the navigation of the River Delaware, and explained the construction of it; which was approved of. At the same time he made an offer of his service in attending and overlooking the workmen in building the same, gratis, for which this Board thanked him, and accepted the offer of his services.

Resolved, That Capt˙ Charles Alexander be appointed to the command of the boat called the Bull-Dog.

Resolved, That this Board meet at Kensington tomorrow morning at eleven o' clock, to attend the launch of the Boat built by Emanuel Eyres; and that they go from thence in said boat to Gloucester, and there hold a Board.