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Letter from Joseph Spear to Arthur St. Clair


Enclosed in Arthur St˙ Clair' s Letter to Joseph Shippen, Jun˙, of February 25 , 1774.

Pittsburg, February 23, 1774.

DEAR SIR: I am just now informed that the Virginians up the Monongahela have had two or three musters lately; one at Red Stone Old Fort, and one yesterday at Paul Froman' s, on the other side of the Monongahela; and I am also told they had a meeting at Mr˙ Penticost' s own house, in consequence of which Mr˙ Penticost wrote to Mr˙ Swearingen to act no longer there as a Pennsylvania Magistrate at his peril. I therefore think it would be advisable to endeavor to have a stop put to those proceedings, if possible, as it creates the greatest disturbance, and very much retards the execution of our civil process.

I am, in haste, dear sir, your humble servant,

P˙ S˙ This news has just come to hand, otherwise I would have wrote you more full. Dr˙ Conolly is just now going over the run to Red Stone, I know not what for.