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Letter from Stephen Moylan to Colonel Glover



Cambridge, December 8, 1775.

SIR: I am commanded by hs Excellency to desire you will put Mr˙ Richard Derby in the proper road to get his brig Kingston Packet, and her cargo, into his possession. Whether she is to proceed on her intended voyage to the West-Indies or not the General cannot himself determine; that is the business of Committees of Safety. The General is determined to have no further trouble with this vessel. You will, therefore, sir, manage the matter so as Head-quarters may hear no more of her. I beg you will be attentive to Mr˙ Callbecks goods. Let him have every thing that he has been so cruelly pillaged of. The potatoes on board the Scotch vessel should be sold.

I am truly yours, STEPHEN MOYLAN.

To Colonel John Glover, Marblehead.