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Doctor Holten brought down from the Council Board a Report upon a Letter from General Washington, concerning affording assistance to Gloucester.

"The Committee of both Houses appointed to take into consideration a Letter from his Excellency General Washington, respecting the fortifying Cape-Ann Harbour, have attended that service, and beg leave to report, as their opinion, that his Excellency the General be desired to direct Major Mason to proceed to the Towns of Concord, Worcester, Lancaster, and Leicester, there to view the Cannon now in those Towns, and such and so many of them (being the property of this Colony) as he shall judge fit for use, and necessary for the defence of said harbour, the Town of Gloucester have leave to remove to that place. And that it be earnestly recommended to the Selectmen or Committees of the Towns aforesaid, in whose care any Cannon (not the property of this Colony) may be, and viewed as aforesaid, that they deliver them to the Town of Gloucester, on this important occasion, if needed. And that Major Mason, or the Selectmen of the Town of Gloucester, have liberty, on the credit of this Colony, to procure, from any Town or person who may have it to spare, two barrels of Powder, to be replaced as soon as the stale of the Colony will admit of it; and if not replaced, such Towns or persons to receive pay therefor, out of the Colony Treasury, at a rate not exceeding five Shillings per pound, and said Gloucester to be accountable therefor to this Court. That Captain Batchelder wait on General Washington for the purpose above mentioned, and that the Selectmen of Gloucester be immediately served with a copy of this Resolve."