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Meeting of the Committee for Westmoreland County, in Virginia



At a Meeting of the Committee for the County of Westmorland, for seeing the Association duly executed, November 8, 1774:

Before them a certain David Wardrobe came, and being examined concerning a letter, false, scandalous, and inimical to America, published in the Glasgow Journal, August 18, 1774, said to be written by a gentleman from Westmoreland County, in Virginia, June 30, 1774 , and charged to be written by the said Wardrobe; the Committee, on hearing the said Wardrobe acknowledge to have written the greatest part of said letter, and equivocating extremely concerning the rest of it, and seriouly considering the fatal consequences that will infallibly be derived to the dearest rights and just liberties of America, if such enemies are suffered to proceed in this manner, of giving false and mischievous accounts to Great Britain, tending to misrepresent this country, and to deceive Great Britain, have come to the following Resolutions, which they do most earnestly recommend to all those who regard the peace, the liberty, and the rights of their country:

1. Resolved, That the Vestry of Cople Parish be desired no longer to furnish the said Wardrobe with the use of the Vestry House for his keeping school therein.

2dly. That all persons who have sent their children to school to the said Wardrobe do immediately take them away, and that he be regarded as a wicked enemy to America, and be treated as such.

3dly. That the said Wardrobe do forthwith write and publish a letter in the Gazette, expressing to the world his remorse for having traduced the people here, and misrepresented their proceedings in manner as in the said letter is done.

4thly. That the said Wardrobe be charged to appear at Westmoreland Court House, on the 29th day of this instant, to be dealt with further as the Committee shall direct, to which time and place they do adjourn themselves.