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Resolution recommending the several Towns


Wednesday, March 8, 1775.

In the House of Representatives of the Colony of Connecticut, assembled at New-Haven: —

Whereas, our brethren of the Town of Boston have long suffered, and are yet suffering under the hand of oppression, grievous and unparalleled hardships and distresses, in consequence of their resolution to support the great principles of Constitutional Liberty; and having endured, and yet enduring those sufferings in the common cause of America, with most exemplary fortitude and magnanimity; the principles of humanity and justice to ourselves and them, require that they should not be left to sink under the weight of burdens which, without assistance, may become absolutely insupportable.

And although many donations have been made them by this and the other Colonies; yet, upon authentick intelligence, it appears they are inadequate to the real distresses in which thousands of their innocent and virtuous inhabitants are involved by means as aforesaid.

This House, taking the matters aforesaid into their serious consideration, do Resolve, That it be, and it is hereby earnestly recommended to the several Towns in this Colony, to continue cheerfully and liberally to contribute to the relief of their suffering brethren in said Town, according to the several abilities which Divine Providence has given


them; esteeming it an incumbent duty, and an acceptable service in the sight of God and their Country.

By order of the House,