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On Application of Mr. Cunningham


Upon an application in behalf of Mr˙ Cunningham, that he might be permitted to write a Letter, and that he might obtain certain necessaries, the following Order was drawn, viz:

To the Sheriff of Charlestown District, or his Deputy, or to the Keeper of the Common Jail in Charlestown.

You are hereby commanded to admit Captain Tutt and Mr˙ Gervais to converse with the prisoner Robert Cunningham; in order that the said Cunningham may write a letter, to brought to me by Mr˙ Tutt and Mr˙ Gervais, You are also required to permit Mr˙ Gervais to furnish Mr˙ Robert Cunningham with such linen and cash as Mr˙ Gervais shall think proper.

By order of the Congress:


In Congress, South-Carolina,

Charlestown, November 2, 1775.