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Southampton (Virginia) Committee



At a Committee held at the Court-House for the County of Southampton, the eighth day of April, 1775, agreeable to the Eleventh Article of the Continental Congress, Present: Edwin Gray, Chairman, Thomas Williamson, Richard Kello, James Ridley, George Gurley, Clerk, Benjamin Ruffin, Peter Butts, Benjamin Clements, Jun˙, Joshua Nicholson, Thomas Edmunds, Benjamin Ruffin, Junior, and Thomas Blunt:

The Proceedings of the late Convention held at the Town of Richmond, on the 20th of March, were laid before the Committee, and being read and maturely considered,

Resolved unanimously, That this Committee doth entirely approve the Proceedings of the said Convention, and that they will use every opportunity to recommend, in the strongest manner, the several measures then adopted to the people of this County.

Resolved, That the several members of this Committee in their respective Districts (as laid off by a former Committee) endeavour to collect by subscription the sum of Ten Pounds, for encouraging Mr˙ Tait' s useful scheme for making Salt; and also Fifteen Pounds for the use of the Deputies to represent this Colony in Continental Congress; and that such Money as may be collected be immediately paid by the several collectors into the hands of Mr˙ Edwin Gray and Mr˙ Henry Taylor, to be by them transmitted to Robert Carter Nicholas, Esquire, for the purposes aforesaid.

Resolved, That Monday, the 17th of this instant, be appointed for the election of Delegates at the Court-House, to represent this County in Provincial Congress; and that a copy of this Resolution be transmitted to the Clergymen of the different Parishes of this County, requesting them to publish the same in their respective Churches; and also that the Clerk of this Committee advertise the same at the Court-House door on the next court day.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Benjamin Clements, Junior, Mr˙ Benjamin Ruffin, Junior, and Mr˙ Joshua Nicholson, or any two of them, be appointed to conduct the election of the said Delegates.

Resolved, That the thanks of this Committee be given to Mr˙ Edwin Gray and Mr˙ Henry Taylor, our worthy and patriotick Delegates; at the same time assuring them that they have conducted themselves entirely to their satisfaction in the discharge of that important trust.

Resolved, That this Committee be adjourned to Thursday, the 13th day of this instant.