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Letter from Jacob Lansing

New-York, 7th July, 1774.

The Committee met, by adjournment, at 6 o' clock, this evening, at the Exchange: Present,

Isaac Low, Chairman,,
John Alsop, William Bayard,
Theophilact Bache,
P˙ V˙ B˙ Livingston,
Isaac Sears,
Charles McEvers,
Charles Nicholl,
Alex˙ McDougall,
Thomas Randall,
John Moore,
Leonard Lispenard,
Edward Laight,
William Walton,
Miles Sherbrook,
John Thurman,
Benjamin Booth,
Joseph Hallett,
Charles Shaw,
Alexander Wallace,
Francis Lewis,
Gabriel H˙ Ludlow,
Nicholas Hoffman,
Henry Remsen,
Hamilton Young,
Peter T˙ Curtenius,
Peter Goelet,
Abraham P˙ Lott,
Gerard W˙ Beekman,
Joseph Bull,
Richard Sharpe.

A Letter, dated Albany, 29th June, 1774, from Jacob Lansing, was received and read.

Agreeable to the meeting advertised to be held at the City Hall this day, a number of citizens attended, and it


was unanimously agreed that this Committee appoint a Committee of their body to attend with the Committee from the Mechanics, at Mr˙ Francis' s, at 10 o' clock to-morrow morning, in order to appoint two or more persons in each Ward in this city, to take with them a list of the five persons nominated by this Committee, and also a list of the five persons nominated by the Committee of Mechanics, as Delegates to the proposed Congress; and exhibit to the freeholders, freemen, and such of the inhabitants who pay taxes, both lists, leaving it to their election to sign either; for the five names nominated by this Committee, or for the five nominated by the Committee of Mechanics, as they shall think fit.

Ordered, That the following persons be a Committee to attend the Committee of Mechanics for the aforesaid purpose: Joseph Hallett, Charles Shaw, Isaac Sears, Peter Goelet, Francis Lewis, Peter T˙ Curtenius, Richard Sharpe, Edward Laight, Joseph Bull.