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Conference Desired with the Council


Resolved, That a free conference be desired with the Council upon Several important matters respecting the slate of this Colony, and the subject-matter of his Excellency the Governour' s Message in answer to the joint Address of the Council and this House.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Bland, do go to the Council, and desire the said free conference.

A Message from the Council by Mr˙ Blair:

Mr˙ SPEAKER: The Council do agree to the free conference desired by this House, and have appointed three of their Members, who are now ready in the Conference Chamber, to meet the Managers for this House.

And then the Messenger withdrew.

Ordered, That a Committee be appointed to manage the said conference.

And a Committee was appointed of Mr˙ Bland, Mr˙ Treasurer, Mr˙ Cary, Mr˙ Digges, Mr˙ Jones, and Mr˙ Nelson.