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IN SAVANNAH RIVER, March 4, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: We just this moment received yours, and are authorized to inform you that, from the circumstance of our letter of yesterday not being answered , and your firing to-day, it was believed your intention was to treat his Majesty' s sea and land forces in a hostile manner, notwithstanding the declaration made in our letter; but as the proposal made in your letter of this day intimates your disposition to act inoffenceably towards his Majesty' s sea and land forces, if the vessels and troops are carried to Cockspur without annoying you, we are authorized to assure you that, consistently with the declarations made, the troops and vessels will be conducted to Cockspur immediately, without any act of hostility on their part, if not attacked; and an express-boat is to be Bent to stop the firing below, not doubting but similar steps will be taken by you. We therefore natter ourselves that you will pay due attention to the above, as we have pledged our words, in consequence of the above declaration, that every act of hostility will be refrained from by you.

We are, gentlemen, with regard and esteem, your most humble servants,


To Colonel McIntosh.

N˙ B˙ Captain Barkley has this moment despatched an express to the Cherokee, to stop firing. We beg the bearer may be permitted to return.