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Express sent to Virginia


At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Thursday, 21st April, 1774:

Present, the Honorable John Penn, Esquire, Governor, Richard Peters, Andrew Allen, James Tilghman, Edward Shippen, Jun˙, Esquires.

The express sent to Williamsburg being returned without any answer from the Government of Virginia, the Governor recommended to the Board the consideration of the subject relative to the disturbances and violences committed by the people of that Colony within the county of Westmoreland, and laid before them three letters he received two days ago by express AEneas Mackay, Devereux Smith, and Andrew McFarlane, Esquires, Magistrates of that county, each dated the 9th of April instant, which were severally read, and Messrs˙ Mackay and Smith' s letters follow in these words, viz: