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Governour Trumbull' s Proclamation laying an embargo



By the Honourable JONATHAN TRUMBULL, Esquire, Governour and Commander-in-Chief of the State of CONNECTICUT, in AMERICA:


Whereas it hath been resolved by the General Assembly now convened at New-Haven,

"that an embargo be laid upon the exportation out of this State, by land or water, (without a permit from the Governour,) of Wheat, Rye, Indian


Corn, Pork, Salt, Peas, Beans, Bread, Flour, and every kind of Meal, except necessary stores for vessels outward-bound; likewise all kind of Cloths, Linen and Woolen, fit and suitable for clothing for the Army, except such as shall be provided and sent for the use of our Army or Navy; and also, that an embargo be laid upon the exportation out of this State, by water, of the following articles, viz: Beef, Live Cattle, Sheep, Butter, and Cheese: Provided, this act shall not extend to prevent any particular person or persons from carrying or sending to such soldiers in the Army as may be under the care and special relation of such person or persons, any necessary clothing or provision they may want for their own use and consumption:"
And said Assembly have requested me to give notice thereof:

I have, therefore, thought fit to issue this Proclamation, hereby notifying all persons that said embargo is laid, and requiring them to comply therewith. And I do hereby prohibit all persons from transporting, by land or water, and from shipping on board any vessel for transportation, any of said articles, (excepting only as in said Resolves is excepted,) under the penalties of the law of this State in such case provided. And I do require and enjoin all persons to exert themselves that said Resolve be effectually carried into execution.

Given under my hand, at New-Haven, this seventh day of November, Anno Domini, 1776: