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William Stoddard to Captain James Littlefield



Boston, June 15, 1775.

SIR: Your letter and the last, dated the 13th instant, by Mr˙ Hopkins, I have received. I waited on the Admiral this morning, and have got you a fishing pass for your boat and three men, to come in and out of this harbour, which I now send you. You will carefully observe the pass; you must observe to go a fishing from Salem, before you come up here, and then you may come in and go out. I hope you will not meet with any obstruction at Salem;


not forgetting, if in your power, to bring up veal, green peas, fresh butter, asparagus, and fresh salmon. Mr˙ Miles went away yesterday in the afternoon, by water, in order to come to you, and we suppose he is with you before this. I hope you have received a cloak, with a bag of brown sugar, I sent over yesterday by Mr˙ Hopkins' s son. I have paid some of the ferrymen, and I shall pay them all for their trouble, when I have done with them. Do not pay them any thing; if you have, let me know; keep that to yourself. Captain Hurley is here with his schooner, from Penobscot, and has been here some time. I was the other day in his company, and he asked after you; he desired to be remembered to you. I wish you would send me last Monday' s newspaper, and this day' s paper. I shall be much obliged to you, if you can, before you go for Salem, send me some fresh butter, and half a bushel of green peas. I now send you two dollars in this letter, and an osnaburgh bag, by Mr˙ Hopkins' s son, to put the peas in. What other charges you are at I will settle with you hereafter. I am obliged to you for the hint in coming out. I will let you know more when you come up from Salem. Let me hear from you before you go for Salem.

Give my compliments to Mr˙ Haynes, and all friends; all your friends desire to be remembered to you at these distressing times. Twenty-four sail of transports have arrived here this week with Light-horses and Troops from Ireland, and twenty-four more sail are coming.

Sir, your humble servant,

To Captain James Littlefield, Watertown.