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Continental Congress Resolves


The Congress sent the following Resolves, which are directed to be entered on the Minutes of this Board:

"In Congress, December 31, 1775.

"Resolved, That forty Iron Pots be provided for the Soldiers while in the Barracks near Philadelphia.

"That the Commissioned Officers of each Company be allowed, every week, a quarter of a cord of Hickory Wood, or other Wood in proportion.

"That there be provided, for the Battalion raised in Pennsylvania, one hundred Haversacks, a Camp Kettle for every six men, a Tomahawk, a Canteen, Cartouch Box, Knapsack, and two Belts for each man.

"That a Coat of uniform be provided for each Soldier, and that, what the Coat costs, more than the Hunting Shirt (value one dollar thirty-three and a third cents) that was to be given them, be deducted from their wages.

"That the said Battalion be paid one month' s pay, as soon as may be; that, afterwards, they receive, monthly, half a month' s pay, only, until so much is retained as will amount to the money advanced for their Fire-Arms, Clothing, &c˙; after which, they shall receive their full pay, monthly.

"That it be recommended to the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, to provide Arms for the three Companies that are ordered to march, and, also, to provide the articles ordered above for the use of the said Battalion, with Drums, Colours, and Fifes.

"December 26, 1775. — Resolved, That the Battalion raised in Pennsylvania be supplied with Gun-Brushes, Prickers, Double Worms, Screw Drivers, and Oil; and that it be recommended to the Committee of Safety for the said Colony to provide the same.

"December 28, 1775. — That an Order be drawn on the Treasurers, in favour of the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, for the use of the Battalion raised in said Colony, the said Committee to be accountable. (No sum mentioned.)

"October 12. — The men inlisted to be furnished with a Hunting Shirt (not exceeding one dollar thirty-three and a third cents) and a Blanket, provided these can be procured, but not to be made part of the terms of the inlistment,

"October 9. — That each of the Privates be allowed instead of a Bounty, a Felt Hat, a pair of Yarn Stockings and a pair of Shoes, the men to find their own Arms.

"Extract from the Minutes:



Resolved, That Messrs˙ Mease and Caldwell see the Resolves of Congress, respecting the Battalion therein mentioned, carried into execution.