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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


A Letter from Henry Lloyd, Agent for the Contractors for supplying the Troops at Boston, to Doctor John Stevenson, being fallen into the hands of the Committee, was read, and is as follows:

"Boston, May 17, 1775.

"SIR: The stoppage of provisions from the Southern Governments for the use of His Majesty' s troops, makes it necessary to endeavour to get a supply by concealing from the publick eye the destination of provisions shipped for that purpose. I shall, therefore, propose, for your consideration, the following method of doing it. Cannot a vessel be freighted with flour for the West-Indies, commanded by a person you can confide in, who will execute your orders to him to come into this port and deliver his cargo here, instead of going to the West-Indies. You may take up a vessel as large as two hundred tons, and give her a full freight. I should send you bills on the Contractors to execute this plan, or advise you to draw on them for the amount of what you may ship to me in this way, but the negotiation of such bills might discover your plan and defeat it, so that I should be glad you would advise me of some Friend of yours, and when I am made acquainted with


his name, and the sum you" shall draw for, will send to him from hence, my bills on the Contractors for the amount you advise me of. You will please, likewise, to give the Contractors timely notice, that they may insure their interest if they think proper, and inform me of the name, of the vessel and master you engage, that I may lodge a permit at the Light-house in this harbour, for admission to come up to the town and discharge her cargo here. Pray let the flour you purchase be such as will keep over the summer, and let the casks be good, well hooped, and the heads well secured with lining hoops.

"You will be careful to write me by a safe conveyance, that your letter may not fall into the hands of the Provincials.

"I am, sir, your most humble servant,

"HENRY LLOYD. "To Doctor John Stevenson."