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Dr. Turner to General Spencer



Stamford, 30th November, 1776.

HONOURABLE SIR: We are in a most crowded situation, with the sick of the Army swarming as if there was no end to them for several days past, and continue so to do. I most earnestly recommend it to your Honour to grant discharges for the persons hereafter named, and to point out some method whereby many others may get their discharges without troubling your Honour any further at such distance from this place, their friends constantly soliciting certificates, and think it a great burden that they have to go so far, as to camp and back, before the discharges can be completed. There is not less than six or seven hundred invalids now in town, and I dare say not one quarter of them, if they were now in camp, would be of any further service this campaign.

Colonel Sergeant' s.

Zac˙ Goldsmith,
James Linsey,
Jo˙ Trobes,
Edward Master,
Joshua Hubbard,
James Churchill,
Benj˙ Leonard,
Simeon Blood,
Abel Blood,
John Edmund,
Samuel Fletcher.

Colonel Glover' s.

Jesse Snow,
Sam˙ Thompson,
Phillip Craw,
Jo˙ Ober,
Benj˙ Craft,
John Ritchway,
Wm˙ Parsons,
Jho˙ Morse,
John Thompson,
Allen Richardson,
Enos Willikins.

Colonel Prescotts.

Amos Brooks,
Jed' h Felt,
Chelpy Perkins.

Colonel Lippit' s.

Benoni Bates,
Amos Wood.

Colonel Ward' s.

Louden Benton,
Jo˙ Clark,
Ammi Kembal,
Wm˙ Rice.

Colonel Huntington' s.

Elisha Case,
Belcher Starkweather,
Jacob Bennet,
Eleazer Scott,
David Mitchell,
Nathaniel Martin.

Colonel Tyler' s.

Israel Geer,
Robert Dunbar,
Jere˙ Wright,
Pavid Palmer,
Eli Crosby,
Aholiab Branch,
Lemuel Waterman,
Elisha Fanning,
Philip Allen,
Nathan Tinker,
Simeon Saunders,
Ezekiel Huntly,
John Hambleton,
Silas Wood,
Samuel Heth,
John Gold,
James Shipman,
Eleazer Allen,
John Randall,
Abner Huntly,
Wm˙ Chandler,
Elnathan Hurd,
John Cole,
Zeb˙ Miner,
Amos Miner.

Colonel Willys' s.

Daniel Goodsill,
John Stillwill,
John Row,
Isaac Case,
Ebenezer Isom,
John Roberts,
Elijah Risley,
Cornelius Dunham,
Serg' t Whitney.

Colonel Selden' s.

Benj˙ Billings.

Colonel Chester' s,

John Curtis.

I am, sir, your Honour' s most obedient, humble servant,


To the Hon˙ Joseph Spencer, Esq˙, Major-General.

North-Castle, 2d December, 1776.

The within-named persons are discharged from further service in the Continental Army this campaign.

By order of Major-General Spencer:

WM˙ PECK, Aid-de-Camp.