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New-York Committee



At a meeting of the Committee, Monday, 12th June, 1775. Present:

Henry Remsen,
John Lasher,
Nicholas Bogart,
Oliver Templeton,
Hercules Mulligan,
Joseph Totten,
Cornelius Clopper,
William W˙ Gilbert,
Francis Bassett,
William Bedlow,
John Woodward,
James Desbrosses,
Joseph Bull,
Nicholas Roosevelt,
Daniel Phenix,
Abm˙ Brinkerhoff,
Benjamin Helme,
John Imlay,
Jeremiah Platt,
George Janeway,
Gabriel W˙ Ludlow,
Evert Banker,
John Lamb,
Aug˙ Van Horne,
Gerardus Duyckinck,
Petrus Byvanck,
William Laight,
Robert Ray,
William Goforth,
William Walton,
Cornelius P˙ Low,
Edward Fleming,
Thomas Smith,
Eleazer Miller,
Gabriel H˙ Ludlow,
John M˙ Scott,
Anthony Van Dam,
David Beekman,
Theophilus Anthony,
Daniel Dunscomb, Hamilton Young.

A Letter, dated New-London, 7th June, 1775, from H˙ Parsons, enclosing a copy of a Letter from Portsmouth, dated May 29, 1775, received and read.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Henry Remsen pay unto Mr˙ Isaac Sears the sum of twenty-three Pounds five Shillings and ten Pence, out of the money paid into his hands, and received of Messrs˙ Murrays by Mr˙ Kissam.

Ordered, That Messrs˙ Bull, Templeton, and Fleming be a Sub-Committee to attend the sales of two packages of goods in the possession of Gray and Blakie, and also of two bales and a trunk in the possession of Benjamin Booth.

Ordered, That Messrs Ray and Scott be a Sub-Committee to wait on his Worship the Mayor, to request him


to give orders for the removal of some soldiers' wives and children, infected with the small-pox, out of this City, and to take measures to prevent their becoming a Parish charge.

Ordered, That John Lamb, William Laight, Joseph Bull, and George Janeway be a Committee to wait on Dr˙ Betts, to inquire into the truth of his having lately inoculated for the small-pox.