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Committee of New-Castle County, Delaware


Wednesday, December 21, A˙ M.

The Committee met according to adjournment.

Resolved, unanimously, That pursuant to an intimation given by the said Continental Congress, as well as from a full persuasion that a well regulated Militia, composed of the gentlemen, freeholders, and other freemen, is the natural strength and stable security of a free Government; therefore it is recommended by this Committee to such of the inhabitants of this County as are from sixteen to fifty years of age, that they assemble themselves on the second Tuesday in January next, at such places as shall be appointed by the Committees of their respective Hundreds, and then and there associate and enroll themselves into Companies of not less than fifty, nor more than seventy-five men, according as the several Districts will admit, and choose a Captain, two Lieutenants, an Ensign, four Sergeants, two Corporals, and one Drummer, for each Company; and use their utmost endeavours to make themselves masters of the military exercise. That each man be provided with a well fixed Firelock and Bayonet, half a pound of Powder, two pounds of Lead, and a Cartouch-Box or Powder-Horn, and Bag for Ball, and be in readiness to act on any emergency.

Resolved, unanimously, That the Committees of the respective Hundreds do divide the same into suitable Districts, as they severally will admit thereof.

Resolved, unanimously, That contributions from this County, for supplying the necessities and alleviating the distresses of our brethren in Boston ought to be continued in such manner and so long as their occasions may require; and that it is the duty of the Committee of Correspondence of the said County to collect and transmit the same as soon as possible.

Extract from the minutes of the Committee,