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In the House of Representatives, November 4, 1776.

The Committee appointed to consider the Petition of Nathan Jones, beg leave to report, that they have attended that service, and find that some time in the summer of the year 1775, the Committee of Deer-Island, in the County of Lincoln, on suspicion that the said Jones was loading his sloop called the Sally with supplies for the enemies of the American States, and that he had before supplied them with certain cargoes of the same sloop, took her into possession. That afterwards, in November last, there was an act passed by the General Court of this State, empowering all persons who had taken vessels which had been employed in supplying the enemy, to libel them, within a time by said act limited, in the Courts by said act created for the trying of the same, and to have them condemned as the prizes of the libellants, and that the said Committee of Deer-Island did not libel said vessel according to the said act, and the said Jones afterwards took her into his custody again; whereupon the honourable Council, on application made to them during the last recess of the General Court, ordered the said Committee of Deer-Island to recover the said sloop Sally again; and afterwards there was a resolve of the whole Court, directing the said Committee to detain the said sloop until the further order of Court; and since that time the House has passed a resolve that said Committee might libel said vessel, but the honourable Council have not consented thereunto. And as the matter in controversy is of a private nature between said Committee and said Jones, and the proceeds of said vessel, if she should be condemned, will go to the use of those persons who shall libel her, and not to this State, your Committee are of opinion that this Court are by no means held to involve themselves in the dispute, and therefore beg leave to report the following resolve, to wit: