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Wednesday, April 3, 1776.

The House met according to adjournment.

On motion, Resolved; That the Report of the Committee to consider what recompense and provision should be made for several persons wounded and disabled in the publick service; and, also, for the families of such as may be killed in the said service, be taken into consideration to-morrow.

A Bill to prevent Sedition, and punish Insurgents and disturbers of the peace, was read a second time.

On motion, the following clause was added to, read twice, and made a part of the Bill:

And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That all fines and penalties to be incurred by virtue of this act, shall, upon recovery thereof, be paid into the Colony Treasuary, to be applied to, and for such uses and purposes as are herein before mentioned.

Ordered, That the Bill be sent to the Legislative Council.

Ordered, That Captain Lempriere and Mr˙ Verree do cany the same to the Legislative Council.