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Depositions and Examinations


Major Henderson, also, delivered a copy of the Proceedings of the Committee of Safety of New-Jersey, with respect to those Prisoners, which was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

Committee of Safety, Princeton, January 11, 1776.

This Committee received information from the Committee of the County of Monmouth, by Doctor Scudder and Doctor Henderson, and also, by letter from the Chairman of said Committee, that a small sloop called the Polly and Ann, one Hains, captain, was, on the 23d of December last, stranded on Squan-Beach, on board of which was a quantity of beef, pork, and other provisions; which vessel and cargo is now in the care and custody of Colonel Furman, except such articles as were perishable, which the Committee directed to be sold by Doctor Scudder and Doctor Henderson, an inventory of which cargo, as well such as was sold, us such as remain, was laid before this Committee; and one James Webb, a passenger on board said vessel, which is stranded, appeared before this Committee, by whose deposition it appears, that said vessel was bound from New-York to Boston, and from all circumstances, the provisions on board were destined for the Ministerial army. The Committee taking the above matters into consideration, think it proper that the whole of said cargo be immediately sold, and the vessel secured, which vessel, with the amount of the sales, after deducting the necessary expenses, be referred to the disposal of the Congress of this Colony at their next sitting, and that Colonel David Furman, Doctor N˙ Scudder, and Doctor Thomas Henderson, be, and are hereby authorized and empowered to secure the above said vessel, and complete the sales of the cargo, in some convenient time, and account for their sales, and report their proceedings to the Congress of this Province at their next sitting; and may deliver to the seamen and passengers belonging to said vessel, all such clothing and other effects as belong to them, (exclusive of the cargo.) provided they, in a reasonable time, call for the same; and that the, thanks of this Committee be returned to Colonel Furman for his extraordinary care and vigilance in securing the said vessel and cargo.

And, whereas, it appears that the captain, master, and passengers of the said sloop Polly and Ann, stranded on Squan-Beach, are inhabitants of the Colony of New-York,

It is, therefore, Ordered, That the said Captain, Master, and Passengers, or such of them as are in this Province, be conveyed under a guard, as Colonel David Furman may think proper, to New-York, and delivered to the Provincial Congress or Committee of Safety, to be dealt with as they may think proper.

A true copy. By order of the Committee:

"ABRAHAM CLARK, Deputy-Secretary."