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New-York Committee of Safety to General Heath



Fishkill, December 11th, 1776.

SIR: Your favour of yesterday, with the several despatches enclosed, were this day laid before the Committee of Safety. I am directed to inform you that they highly approve of the precaution you have used with respect to the flag of truce, and which you will be pleased to continue until we have had time to consider of the applications mentioned in the despatches. They are now under the consideration of a Committee, and I hope a decision will take place to-morrow.

The defenceless condition to which the Highlands will be reduced on your withdrawing the Continental troops, gives us very great concern. Ardently as we wish to cooperate with General Washington, in opposing the progress of the enemy in our sister State of New-Jersey, we are compelled, by a regard for the publick safety, to direct our Militia, who were before ordered to march into that State, to be reserved for the security of the Highlands. We have at the same time despatched an express to General Washington, requesting that you and the troops you more immediately command, may be directed to resume your late stations. We hope this request will meet with your approbation.

I am, with great respect, sir, your most obedient servant.

By order:

MATTHEW CANTINE, pro t˙ Chairman.

Major-General Heath, Peekskill.