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October 13, 1775


Thursday, October 19, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety: Present —

Robert Morris, President pro tem˙, Anthony Wayne, George Gray, Bernard Dougherty, Andrew Allen, Benjamin Bartholomew, John Montgomery, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, Daniel Roberdeau, John Cadwallader, Owen Biddle.

Mr˙ George Taylor returned to the Board his Account of the Cannon Shot supplied by him, and informed them that he should be a considerable loser by the price at which he had contracted to deliver them; and the Board having taken the matter into consideration, after previously consulting Mr˙ Grubb and Mr˙ Potts, Iron Masters, were of the same opinion; and, therefore,

Resolved, That Mr˙ Taylor should be allowed at the rate of eighteen Pounds per ton for the same.

By order of the Board, a Letter was this day wrote to the Committee of York County, and one other Letter to the Committee of Lancaster County, respecting Dr˙ Kearsley' s and J˙ Brooks' s confinement in each County.

The Board agreed that Dr˙ John Kearsley may be allowed a servant, at his own expense, to attend him to Yorktown, and during his confinement there, unless it be found necessary, by the Committee of York County, to discharge him sooner.

By order of the Board, an Order was drawn on Robert Morris, Esq˙, in favour of Robert Towers, for sixty-one Pounds, nineteen Shillings, two Pence, being the amount of his account of tradesmen' s bills, and men employed cleaning Powder, making Cartridges, Boxes, &c.