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James Curgenven to Governour Trumbull



New-Haven, June 5, 1775.

SIR: I beg permission to acquaint your Honour that I am appointed Collector of the Customs for the port of New-Haven, vice Peter Harrison, Esquire, deceased; and that on the second instant, when I arrived within your Government, some people showed a great dislike to my taking upon me the duty of my office. But by the interposition of several gentlemen concerned in trade, and my informing them that I should wait on your Honour as soon as I had recovered from the fatigues of the voyage, they appeared to be satisfied.

I look on it a respect due to your Honour, that I should satisfy you as to the legality of my appointment, as well as necessary that I should take the oaths prescribed by law previous to my entering upon the execution of my duty; but as my ill state of health will not admit of any taking a journey at present, and as I have already taken the oath of office before the Board of Customs, I hope this will be admitted as a sufficient apology. And some persons having suggested that your Honour would refuse to administer the oaths appointed to be taken by officers of the Crown in similar cases with mine, I take the liberty to request that your Honour will be pleased to inform me by a line, if you


have any objection to administer them. Your condescension herein will lay me under the most lasting obligations. I am, with the greatest respect, Sir, your Honour' s most obedient and most humble servant,


The Hon˙ Jonathan Trumbull, Esq˙, Governour of His Majesty' s Colony of Connecticut, &c˙, &c˙, &c.