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Town Meeting in Boston



At a Town Meeting in Boston, on Tuesday, July 26th, the methods proposed for employing such as are out of business by the operation of the Port Bill, were approved. A Circular Letter to the other towns, relative to the Bills for vacating our Charter, was reported and accepted by the town. The meeting stands adjourned to Tuesday, the 9th day of August. The following is the form of the Notification for the above meeting:

Notification. — Agreeable to the order of the town at their last meeting, the freeholders and other inhabitants of the town of Boston, legally qualified, rateable at twenty pounds estate, to a single rate, (besides the poll) are hereby notified to meet at Faneuil Hall, on Tuesday, the 26th day of July, instant, at ten o' clock in the forenoon, then and there to determine on the expediency of appointing a Committee of seven, by ballot, for the purpose of considering of proper measures to be adopted for the common safety, during those exigencies of our publick affairs, which may reasonably be expected, when the Acts of the British Parliament, altering the course of justice, and annihilating our free Constitution, shall be enforced in the Province. The Committee to make report; to consider of what measures are right and proper for the town to adopt at this time, relative to the building one or more houses; building one of more vessels; repairing or paving the publick streets; erecting or enlarging wharves on the town' s land; or any other publick work, (to be carried on by moneys arising from voluntary donations,) for the employment of the poor of the town of Boston, at this time of general calamity; to consider whether the town will sell any, and what part, of the real estate belonging to the town, lying within the limits thereof; to consider what further measures are proper to be taken upon the present exigency of our publick affairs, more especially relative to the late edict of a British Parliament, for blocking up the harbour of Boston, and annihilating the trade of this town; and to act upon such other matters as may properly come before them.

By order of the Selectmen,


Boston. July 23, 1774.

N˙ B˙ Such tradesmen and others, inhabitants of this town, as are under necessity for want of employment in their several occupations, by the Act of Parliament, called the Boston Port Bill, are desired to bring in their names to the Committee appointed to consider of ways and means for their employment or relief, who will attend for that purpose at Faneuil Hall, on every day, (Lord' s day excepted,) between the 1st and 10th day of August next, from three to seven o' clock in the afternoon.