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Samuel Langdon to Massachusetts Congress



A number of the members of the Corporation and Board of Overseers of Harvard College, being met together at the President' s house, June 15, 1775, agreed upon the following draught, viz:

"Whereas, in the present difficult situation of publick affairs of this Colony, it is impracticable to call a meeting of the Overseers of the College strictly agreeable to the form and order appointed by the charter of said College: And whereas, nevertheless, the present circumstances of that seminary of learning require a meeting to be called speedily:

"Agreed, That application be made to the honourable Congress of this Colony, to know whether it would be any way displeasing to them that a meeting should be obtained of as many of the Overseers of Harvard College as can be called together under the present circumstances of the College and the Country, in order to join with the Corporation in conferring Academical Degrees, at the approaching season of the annual Commencement, on such candidates as may offer themselves and be judged qualified for the same, and to transact any other important matters


relative to that society, and whether the honourable Congress would countenance such a procedure."

At the same time the gentlemen present beg leave to return their most grateful acknowledgments to the honourable Congress for the regard they have already shewn for the interest of the College, in directing the removal of the library and apparatus to a place of greater safety.

In the name of the gentlemen present,

To the Honourable Congress of the Massachusetts-Bay.