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Petition of Daniel Knight



To the Great and General Court now sitting in WATER-TOWN:

The Petition of DANIEL KNIGHT humbly showeth: That some time last spring said Knight sent up an account of the loss he sustained on Damarris Cove, being attested by him, in hopes that your Honours would have considered his case. And as there had been orders from the Congress requiring all those that had suffered damage by the common enemy to bring an account of any loss they sustained, therefore he expected that his loss would have been made up to him, in whole or in part, as you in your wisdom shall think best; yet he never received any part of said loss as yet. I heard some person threw in a remonstrance, saying I charged too high for my house, and creatures they took away; but I think I know the value of my house, sheep, and hogs, better than any other person. Now, gentlemen, if it be your pleasure to grant the whole, or any part you please of the value of the loss I sustained, you will greatly oblige your humble servant. And I, as in duty bound, shall ever pray.