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Importers agree not to put unreasonable advances on Goods


New-York, October 13, 1774.

At a meeting of Importers of goods from Great Britain, to take into consideration the dissatisfaction that has already appeared, upon the advance of divers articles, some of them the real necessaries of life: And being determined, as far as in us lies, to preserve the peace of the city, we think it necessary, in order to remove the cause for any future murmurings to make the following declarations:

That we will not from the apprehension of a non-importation agreement put any unreasonable advance upon our goods; and when such an agreement shall have taken place, we will continue to sell them for a moderate profit, and no more.

That we will do our utmost to discourage all engrossers and persons who buy up goods with a view of creating an artificial scarcity, thereby to obtain a more plausible pretext for enhancing the prices.

That if any retailer or other person, should by a contrary conduct, endeavour to defeat these our good intentions, we will, as one man, decline dealing with him, and shall consider him or them as the author or authors of all The disturbances that shall be consequent thereupon.

Signed, by order of a large number of Importers, met at the Exchange.