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Court Martial



At a General Court Martial, held at the house of John Manduel, on Saturday, the 30th of November, anno Domini 1776. Present: Colonel Ward, President; Colonel Hammon, Major Woods, Captain Nuting, Captain Moss, Captain Reynolds, Captain Scott, Captain Sumney, Captain Brown, Captain Perce, Captain Hunter, Captain Barlow, Captain Pain. Captain Godwin, Judge-Advocate. President and members sworn.

Francis Looly, prisoner, brought before this court on a charge for sleeping on his post. The charge being read to the prisoner, pleads guilty. The court taking the matter into mature deliberation, and from several circumstances appearing to this court, are of opinion that the prisoner is incapable of being any service to the United States, in the capacity of a soldier, by reason of his nonage and other inabilities, do order that he be fined the sum of ten shillings, New-York currency, and be dismissed from the service.

T˙ WARD, President.

The General approves the sentence, and remits the fine.