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Certificate of the Choice of the Officers


We certify that a company of men met together in Kingston District, in the Town of Westmoreland, on Susquehannah River, and in the Colony of Connecticut, and there chose Lieutenant Lazarus Stewart their Captain, Messrs˙ Timothy Smith, First Lieutenant, Dethick Hewit, Second Lieutenant, and Phineas Peirce, Ensign; and they have obliged themselves by an instrument in writing, to which they have signed their names, with, the men who chose them officers, to march at the shortest notice, to any part that your Honours or honourable Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut, to which they belong, may direct, to defend the liberties and privileges of America; and do think them suitable persons to officiate in that station in which they have been chosen, and do accordingly recommend them to your Honours.

Given under our hands, this 8th day of March, 1776.


To the Honourable Continental Congress, at Philadelphia.