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Proceedings of Continental Congress approved


Resolved, That the House do highly approve of the Proceedings of the Continental Congress lately held at Philadelphia, and that they are determined, as members of the community in general, that they will strictly adhere to the said Resolutions, and will use what influence they have to induce the same observance in every individual of this Colony.

This House having received information that William Hooper, Joseph Hewes, and Richard Caswell, Esquires, were appointed, by the Convention held at Newbern, as Delegates to attend the meeting of the Continental Congress soon to be held at Philadelphia:

Resolved, That the House approve of the choice made by the, said Convention.

Resolved, That the thanks of the House be given, to William Hooper, Joseph Hewes, and Richard Caswell, Esquires, for the faithful and judicious discharge of the important trust reposed in them as Delegates for this Colony at the late Continental Congress.

Mr˙ William Brown, the Member for Bath Town, Mr˙ Thomas Respess, one of the Members for Beaufort County, Mr˙ Jonathan Hearring, one of the Members for Pasquotank County, and Mr˙ William Haywood and


Mr˙ Elisha Battle, the Members for Edgecombe County, appeared.

The Honourable John Rutherford and Lewis H˙ De Rosset, Esquires, two of the Members of Council, came to the House, and Mr˙ Brown, Mr˙ Respess, Mr˙ Hearring, Mr˙ Haywood, and Mr˙ Battle were qualified, by taking the several oaths by law appointed for qualification of Publick Officers, and repeating and subscribing the Test.

Then the House adjourned till to-morrow morning, ten o' clock.