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Declaration of Independence proclaimed at Providence, Rhode Island


Providence, Saturday, July 27, 1776.

Thursday last, (25th July,) at eleven o' clock in the forenoon, his Honour the Governour, attended by such Members of the Upper and Lower Houses of Assembly as were in town, and a number of the inhabitants, went in procession to the State House, escorted by the Cadet and Light Infantry Companies, where, at twelve o' clock, was read the Act of Assembly concurring with the most honourable General Congress in their Declaration of Independence. The Declaration was also read; at the conclusion of which, thirteen volleys were fired by the Cadets and Light Infantry; the Artillery Company next fired thirteen cannon, and a like number of new


cannon (cast at the Hope Furnace) were discharged, at the Great Bridge; the ships Alfred and Columbus likewise fired thirteen guns each, in honour of the day. At two o' clock his Honour the Governour, attended and escorted as above, proceeded to Hacker' s Hall, where an elegant entertainment was provided on the occasion. After dinner the following toasts were drunk, viz:

1. The Thirteen Freeand Independent States of America.
2. The most Honourable the General Congress.
3. The Army and Navy of the United States.
4. The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.
5. The Commerce of the United States.
6. Liberty to those who have spirit to assert it.
7. The friends of the United States in every part of the earth.
8. General Washington.
9. The Officers of the American Army and Navy.
10. May the Crowns of Tyrants be crowns of thorns.
11. The memory of the brave Officers and Men who have fallen in defence of American Liberty.
12. May the Constitution of each separate State have for its object the preservation of the civil and religious rights of mankind.
13. May the Union of the States be established in justice and mutual confidence, and be as permanent as the pillars of nature.

The Artillery Company, and a number of other gentlemen dined the same day at Lindsey' s Tavern, when the following toasts were drunk:

1. The Free and Independent States of America.
2. The General Congress of the American States.
3. The Honourable John Hancock, Esq.
4. His Excellency General Washington.
5. His Excellency General Lee.
6. The brave Carolineans.
7. Success to General Gates and the Northern Army.
8. May the subtilty of the American Standard destroy the ferocity of the British Lion.
9. The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.
10. The Honourable Governour Cooke.
11. May the Independent States of America for ever be an asylum for Liberty.
12. The American Army and Navy.
13. The Providence Independent Companies.

The whole was conducted with great order and decency, and the Declaration received with every mark of applause. Towards evening the King of Great Britain' s Coat of Arms was taken from a late publick office, as was also the sign from the Crown Coffee House, and burnt.