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Committee to examine and report what further offences are necessary


On motion, Resolved, That a Commissary of Stores be appointed, to provide and supply the Naval Armaments of this Colony with every requisite for that service, agreeable to order of Congress, or Council of Safety; and to give his necessary attendance upon the business of the said Congress or Council.

Ordered, That Colonel Motte, Dr˙ Oliphant, Mr˙ Ferguson, Mr˙ Gibbes, and Captain Joiner, be a Committee to take a view of Charlestown; and to report, as soon as may be, what further works of defence are immediately necessary for its most effectual security against hostile attacks by ships of war.

Ordered, That Captain Stone and Mr˙ Rivers he desired to hire a sufficient number of negroes, to give all possible despatch to the completing the Redoubt erecting upon James Island, to the westward of Fort Johnson.

Ordered, That the Commissioners of the Colony Treasury do pay to the Commissioners appointed by the late Council of Safety for cutting lines of intrenchment across Charlestown Neck, any sum or sums, not exceeding in the whole the sum of five thousand Pounds, current money, for carrying the works, for which they were appointed, into execution.

Adjourned to five o' clock, in the evening.